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Musil, behind the wall Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Musil, behind the divider - Assignment Example It came about to long haul collaboration between the hippies, the strict network and the researchers. Such a large number of strict ecological journalists have come up to address the proceeding with natural emergency and the environmental change that keeps on exacerbating (4-6). Musil declares that the Roman Catholics have not been abandoned. John Paul II put forth some huge attempts when he moved the Roman Catholic Church towards ecological concerns (9). St. Francis was made the supporter who might be responsible for the earth in the late 1970s. Moreover, he scrutinized the science and innovation that had come about to the issues of devastation from the atomic weapons (10). Then again, Judaism has been accused for the different natural sins that have come about because of present day ceaseless commercialization and industrialism. Since the creation of a diary named harmony Seders the biologically disapproved of gatherings from the Jewish religion began interfacing, and this came about to portrayal in the Kyoto arrangements everything being equal (11-13). Musil is straightforwardly in help for the strict ecological developments as the distribution has uncovered talk about all the strict gatherings and the means they have taken to address the issues with respect to the earth. Also, toward the finish of his article, he gives different suggestions to the strict atmosphere development to motivate grassroots gatherings and offer a stable prophetic study of inaction. He especially takes note of that the development has encountered a time of reconsideration inside Obama’s Administration (22). He is on the side of the strict natural development and delineates that the principle quality is that it can make a worry on social move and get trust inside its religious and Biblical

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Blog Archive Earn Your MBA in Downtown Chicago with Chicago Booths Evening and Weekend Programs

Blog Archive Earn Your MBA in Downtown Chicago with Chicago Booth’s Evening and Weekend Programs The top-ranked, full-time MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business allows students to gain a business degree in 21 months. But for aspiring MBAs who are not ready to put their careers on hold while they study, the school also offers evening and weekend MBA programs. With courses held at Chicago Booth’s Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, these options take between two and a half and three years to compete and permit participants to remain at their job throughout their studies. Incoming students in both programs have an average of six years of work experience at the time of matriculation and an average age of 30â€"both stats are only slightly higher than for students in Chicago Booth’s full-time MBA program (five years and 27.8 years, respectively, in the 2018 incoming class). The Chicago Booth Evening and Weekend MBA Programs stay true to the school’s spirit with regard to the flexibility of the curricula, the sense of community (despite being located in the center of one of the country’s largest cities), and the highly rated faculty. The evening MBA option is perhaps best suited for professionals working in the Chicago area, given that classes meet for three hours once a week on a weekday. In fact, the Chicago Booth website notes that most of the students enrolled in the evening program live and/or work in or near the city. The core curriculum consists of nine classes divided into four categories: Foundations, Functions, Management, and Business Environment. In addition, students must take 11 electives, with the option of choosing classes hosted by the University of Chicago Law School or the Harris School of Public Policy, and LEAD, Chicago Booth’s flagship leadership development program. The LEAD requirement is fulfilled in the evening program via LAUNCH, a three-day orientation that the school describes as “foundational” course work. After completing LAUNCH, students are encouragedâ€"but not requiredâ€"to participate in additional LEAD offerings, such as workshops, a women’s leadership program, off-camp us retreats, and selected courses. The school offers 13 concentrations students may complete, and although fulfilling a concentration is not mandatory, Chicago Booth notes that most of the program’s participants complete one to three. Beyond the core, electives, and LEAD, students can take advantage of study abroad programs, which take place over two to three weeks in such countries as France, Israel, China, and Brazil. The Chicago Booth Weekend MBA Program is also based in Chicago but may be a better option for professionals who live outside the cityâ€"indeed, as many as 70% of the 2017 incoming class came from locations beyond Illinois. Courses are held in three-hour blocks on Fridays and and adhere to the same curriculum as the evening program, except that weekend students must complete an additional LEAD session (called ReLAUNCH) in the first quarter. Weekend students can opt to complete one or more of the same 13 concentrations available to evening students. The flexibility that is integral to Chicago Booth’s programs is evident in the connection between its evening and weekend MBA options: students are welcome to take courses at the alternate program if their schedule allows it. Combining a demanding job with part-time MBA studies can be challenging, but the effort involved can confer notable advantagesâ€"not only in the professional doors an MBA typically opens and the leadership skills gained but also in the relationships established with classmates and faculty members. If you are considering applying to a part-time MBA program, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with one of our Senior Consultants to get valuable information on starting your journey. Share ThisTweet University of Chicago (Booth)

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Interprofessional Working and Working in Partnership with Patients and Their Carers Free Essay Example, 4250 words

This case study was chosen because of the several layers of complexities which arose. The ethical and legal issues in the particular study were of interest because it didn t arise because of specific and expected changes made by one individual. Instead, there were break downs in communication and in the way the organizational procedures worked in the environment. This altered the capabilities that were associated with the patient and didn t offer the best responses. The ethical and legal problems which arose included looking at the condition of the patient, believing a specific response should be given and failing to give the response that was best associated with the needs of the patient. The lack of following several procedures and organizational policies is of interest because this relates directly to ethical and legal ideologies; however, it is not necessarily an expected component with the organization. The interest in this article is then based on the understanding that e thical and legal issues are not always associated with the conscious neglect of a patient, but instead come from deeper problems that are within a health care setting. The case of Martin is one which carries interest because of the known concerns that pertain to stroke as well as the capacity which the hospital had to respond, but didn t. This first began when Martin was admitted to the hospital, which raises the ethical concern with the responses that were required and not acted upon. It is known that when an individual suffers from a stroke, certain reflexes began to be prompted, specifically to try to balance out the body in a different manner. With this, is a known change with the body that leads to pneumonia, often which leaves the body too weak for an operation. Feeding tubes and alternative feeding methods are common expectations with patients, especially if the stroke is too severe for post-stroke patients. It is noted that this is the only way to not have reflexes respond and to make the right movements for nutrition and alterations for feeding among patients (Nakajoh et al, 2000: p 39). We will write a custom essay sample on Interpro fessional Working and Working in Partnership with Patients and Their Carers or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now

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Essay on Science in Society - 1194 Words

Science in Society Within the last century scientific discovery has been growing at an exponential rate. Evolution, genetics, physics, and chemistry have all greatly affected the way people view the universe and human role in it. Furthermore, the application of scientific discoveries has physically changed society. For example, humans went from being flightless to eighty years later having transportation in super sonic jets available. Rapid scientific change has caused many issues surrounding morality and science to arise. The idea behind the skepticism is that just because something can be done doesnt mean it should be. Nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and cloning have all fallen under fire due to this concept. People worry that†¦show more content†¦Other phrases throughout the first four pages use words like nightmare, destroy, haunt, and anguish to attract readers to how seriously society takes awareness of science. These phrases get readers to feel the urgency of the views against scie nce in society. The dark phrasing successfully shows that society has taken a responsible view against incorrect scientific application. In about the fifth page of the essay, Dyson switches to using positive words to get readers to believe his true stories of success in stopping immoral science application. He uses words like credit, peace, and finest hour, giving readers a positive feel. This positive feel is reflected into the readers opinion about the odds of correcting science. The positive words influence readers to believe success against biological weapons, nuclear weapons, and other problems are easy obstacles. Dysons also convinces readers society is successful in stopping science by using words that show he is reputable as a writer. Dyson writes about a wide variety of events and novels and describes things with a wide range of scientific words. Dyson does this to show that he is a reliable source. He uses terms like Citizens Committee, Public Health Authorities, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, and many more convincingly complicated words to showing hisShow MoreRelatedScience, Technology and Society1541 Words   |  7 Pagesthe society of each period. All this doubts could not be answered on their own. Some people had to make researches on specific subjects, they had to observe them and after a lot of work on it they had to present the result. They got experience on resolving problems of humanity and so science appeared. Nowadays, science is involved in every aspect of our life, even in subjects that we can not imagine. We can meet remarkable examples of scientific achievements in t echnology and also in society butRead MoreEvolution Of Science And Society Essay1714 Words   |  7 Pagesof scientific observation are the dinosaurs. Since their discovery in the 1800’s, dinosaurs have helped make the prehistoric era one of the most popular periods of Earth’s history, for science and society alike. However, while new scientific observations challenge the previously held beliefs on â€Å"dinosaurs,† society and the media continue to base their interpretations of prehistoric creatures on the initial observations made centuries ago. Despite the scientific processes that went into producing theRead MoreScience And Its Effect On Society Essay1816 Words   |  8 PagesScience is the process which discovers knowledge, knowledge in turn is power, and power is said to bring about corruption. Therefore, through the transitive property, that implies that science will only lead to corruption. Not necessarily a corruption of one’s actions; for inst ance, science won’t make a politician accept a bribe. However, some would argue that science will lead to a degradation of morals. For example, contemporary science may lead to a woman viewing her unborn baby as naught butRead MoreImpact of Science on Society38427 Words   |  154 PagesTHE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY James Burke Jules Bergman Isaac Asimov NASA SP-482 THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY James Burke Jules Bergman Isaac Asimov Prepared by Langley Research Center Scientific and Technical Information Branch 1985 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Washington, DC Library of Congress Cataloging in PublicationData Burke, James, 1936The impact of science on society. (NASA SP ; 482) Series of lectures given at a public lecture series sponsored by NASA andRead MoreImpact of Science on Society38421 Words   |  154 PagesTHE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY James Burke Jules Bergman Isaac Asimov NASA SP-482 THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY James Burke Jules Bergman Isaac Asimov Prepared by Langley Research Center Scientific and Technical Information Branch 1985 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Washington, DC Library of Congress Cataloging in PublicationData Burke, James, 1936The impact of science on society. (NASA SP ; 482) Series of lectures given at a public lecture series sponsoredRead MoreSociology : The Science Of Society2944 Words   |  12 PagesSOCIOLOGY Sociology may be defined as: (1) the science of society; (2) the study of human behavior in social context; (3) the study of social interaction and groups; or (4) a systematic understanding of social interactions, organization, and change. SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS Social institutions are a system of behavioral and relationship patterns that are densely interwoven and enduring, and function across an entire company. They regulate and structure the behavior of individuals by way of their normativeRead MoreAnalysis of the Impact of Science on Society1263 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of the Impact of Science on Society Science is an amazing wide discipline that encompasses physical, chemical and biological areas. Since time in immemorial, science has been at work. This is because science is the aspect of using technical knowhow to provide solution to problems facing mankind at different times on a day to day basis. In earlier days, man did things without knowing that what he was doing is actually science. However, the scientific processes and activities that happenRead MoreScience And Technology Modern Society824 Words   |  4 PagesScience and Technology in Modern Society This study was conducted on South Padre Island, Texas,along the extreme southern portion of the Texas Gulf Coast (Figure 1). This area has several populations of black mangrove. Two different black mangrove populations served as study sites, designated as sites 1 (26u59 N, 97u109 W) and 2 (26u89 N, 97u109 W). The two sites were approximately 5.5 km apart. Color-infrared aerial photography and computer image analysis techniques were used for this studyRead MoreScience Research Symposium Conducted By Society For Cognitive Science1060 Words   |  5 Pagesis not necessarily effective, the three R’s principle overall seems promising. However, the principle is merely empty phrases without appropriate implementation and execution. In another day I attended the Cognitive Science Research Symposium conducted by Society for Cognitive Science(email attached), the lecturer only covered the instruction of research, and did not mention the guidelines and ethics for use of animals at all. I interviewed 14 people who attended sessions and showed interest in cognitiveRead MoreThe Social Sciences Of Modern Societies1387 Words   |  6 PagesWithin the social sciences in contemporary times it is argued that corporatism has shrugged off its previous association with authoritarian and fascists regimes, and is now deployed as a means for a nalysing the role of organized interest in present day liberal democracies. Outhwaite argues that corporatism has also passed into common political usage as shorthand for the involvement of trade unions, together with organisations which represent the interests of capital in bargaining with governments

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Taking a Look at Bullying - 710 Words

Bullying is not just punching someone in the face or calling people names, it is more than that. (bullying must stop - Bullying In General) Bullying takes form in many ways. All of the examples include physical, verbal, indirect, social alienation, prejudicial, sexual and cyber bullying ( Did you know that an estimated 200 million children and youth around the world are being bullied (Facts and figures about bullying - Kidspot Australia. It is very true that too many people are being bullied. What is bullying? Bullying creates many harmful things to those being bullied, because of this people need work to stop all bullying from happening. A bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker or different. This power does not necessarily mean physical, but mental health, as well. Bullies use their potential to cause harm to people. This harm is emotional and physical pain inflicted by a bully to the bullied.Children and teens who are bullies are at increased risk for substance use, academic problems, and violence to others later in life.What are the effects of bullying on the bully? (How does bullying affect health well-being?) By not solving bullying bullies can suffer long-term effects of bullying as their pain, depression, worthlessness. Compelling research confirms that bullies are twice as likely as their peers to have criminal convictions and four times more likely to be multiple offenders.(What are theShow MoreRelatedTaking a Look at Bullying624 Words   |  3 PagesBullying Bullying in schools was perceived to be a normal part of adolescent, however, when people begin to have this mentality, they forget that bullying is physically and psychologically harmful to both the bully and the victim. Bullying was known as an unfortunate cycle of adolescents and for many years have been dismissed as a passage of growing up. But not until tragic events have led to believe that bullying has a greater impact on a child’s life what first were playful jokes it has ledRead MoreTaking a Look at Bullying690 Words   |  3 Pagesaround, others are actually insecure.†says U.S. Department of Health Human Services â€Å"Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.†says U.S. Department of Health Human Services. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.† bullying needs to stop it’s not good for the bully and the person getting bullied.bullyingRead MoreTaking a Look at Bullying676 Words   |  3 Pagesis known around the world as a bully. Bullying has become a big proble m in the U.S. as days go by it seems like there is nothing that can stop this problem. There are different types of bullying and different places that bullying can occur. There is physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational aggression, cyber bullying, sexual bullying, and prejudicial bullying. But the most common ones are physical bullying, cyber bullying, and relational bullying. Bullying can also occur in different places likeRead MoreTaking a look at Bullying712 Words   |  3 PagesIn today’s society bullying has become a major issue that the kids in America are facing. Over the years, this issue has evolved from bullying verbally to cyberbullying. With the increase in use of technology children are beginning to use internet sites such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to judge other peers. With issues beginning on the internet they are also bringing them with them into the schools, workplaces, and many other local places. The cyberbullying is causing emotional prob lems throughoutRead MoreTaking a Look at a Bullying Case884 Words   |  4 PagesEducation Association 160,000 children miss school every day in fear of other students. â€Å"1 of 7 students in grade K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying.† After conversing with an educator who worked in a school in the rural part of the state I have learned that bullying differs between rural and urban areas. In rural areas sexuaity drives bullying more than in urban areas, gender roles are more valued in remote areas. The educator had observed that adolescents that haven’t yet discovered theirRead MoreHow Children Being Bullied Can Not Only Affect Them1021 Words   |  5 PagesWhen one thinks of bullying, they usually associated it with the phrase, â€Å"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me† those â€Å"sticks and stones† may not only just break those bones, but can undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on a person and make those hat eful words and actions hurt that much more to a point that the person would not know how to deal with them. Bullying has become a problematic issue in today’s society, especially where school age children is concerned. BulliesRead MoreThe Effects Of Bullying On Students Within The School System920 Words   |  4 Pagesor children carry. Bullying. Bullying over the course of the years still plays a role in the education system. Although the form of bullying has changed from the past to now, it still has an effect on students within the school systems. In the past there was the physical form of bullying where â€Å"jocks† would push the â€Å"nerds† into lockers or their books out of their hands. Another typical term used by bullies that anybody can recognize is, â€Å"give me your lunch money,† but bullying has evolved over theRead MoreBullying Essay Bullies718 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"No one heals himself by wounding another† according to St. A mbrose. I agree with this quote, putting someone else down doesn’t pick you up. Taking your insecurities and judging someone else on it doesn stop making you insecure. In my view, besides physical violence, the worst thing a person can do is bully another person. In support of this, bullying prevents people from living a normal life, can lead to self-harm, and may involve trouble with the law. All three of those are serious effects fromRead MoreBullying : Bullying And Bullying1366 Words   |  6 PagesKyle McBrady Ms. Coyle English 2A (3) 9 December 2014 Bullying Leading to Violence Bullying is when a person abuses his power to another person by causing physical or mental harm to the victim who is often weaker, says (Bullying). This definition can be applied to a recent story in The Washington Post, where bullying caused a student by the name of Jaylen Fryberg to shoot his friends in a lunchroom cafeteria. Jaylen and his girlfriend had recently broken up and she began cyberbullyingRead MoreEssay on We Must Confront Bullying As a Nation722 Words   |  3 PagesAnyone who has been bullied knows that pretending as if the perpetrator does not exist is virtually impossible. In fact bullying is a serious matter that we as a society must confront and strive to abolish. Since bullying can occur in a variety of ways, one must first understand its nuances to recognize that bullying is taking place and then realize the gravity of bullying. Bullying affects an entire community of kids. A single student who bullies can have a wide-ranging impact on the students, not

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Gen Chem Study Guide free essay sample

Write the correct Lewis structure for CS2. Write the formal charges on each atom in [F-S=F]2+ (lone pairs are not shown). How many ions are formed when Ca3(PO4)2 dissolves? How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are there in 19F- ion? Discuss the properties of molecules used as liquid crystals. (ignore this question) What is the molarity of the solution made when 1. 25 grams of sodium chloride are dissolved in 500 mL of water? What is the hybridization of the carbon atom C2H2 ? What is the molecular formula of a compound with 30. 5% N and 69. 5% S, and it has a molar mass of 184 g/mol? How many electrons are found at the sublevel 1=2? How many sigma and how many pi bonds does carbon dioxide have? How many milliliters of 2. 5M solution are needed to prepare 500 mL of 0. 08M solution? How many milliliters of 1. 25M hydrochloric acid are needed to neutralize 50. 0 millimeters of 0. We will write a custom essay sample on Gen Chem Study Guide or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 55M barium hydroxide? The vapor pressure of SiCl4 is 100 mmHg at 5. 4? C and the normal boiling point is 56. 8? C. What is ? Hvap for SiCl4 in kJ/mol? B. MULTIPLE CHOICE A 34. 6 g sample of calcium oxide is a. 0. 0346 molb. 0. 617 molc. 1. 23 mold. 34. 6 mol 2. When the following equation is balanced, the total number of nitrogen atoms on the reactant side is:BaCl2(aq) + AgNO3(aq) ? Ba(NO3)2(aq) + AgCl(s) a. 2b. 3c. 4d. 6 Given that 4 HNO3(aq)? 4NO2(aq) + 2 H2O(l) + O2(g), the amount of NO2 which could be produced from 3. 00 mol HNO3 is: a. 138 gb. 177 gc. 184 g d. 236 g Given that 3 CuCl2(aq) + 2 Al(s) ? 3 Cu(s) + 2 AlCl3(aq), the amount of Al required to produce 42. 4 g of Cu is: a. 12. 0 gb. 28. 3g c. 40. 5 gd. 42. 4 g The type of substance least likely to appear as a product in a net ionic equation is a soluble saltc. weak electrolyte an insoluble saltd. an insoluble gas When a solution of NiBr2 is mixed with a solution of (NH4)2CO3 the net ionic equation is: a. NiBr2(aq) + (NH4)2CO3(aq) ? NiCO3(s) + 2 NH4Br(aq) b. Ni2+ (aq) + 2Br- (aq) ? 2 NH4+ (aq) + CO32- (aq)? NiCO3(s) + 2 NH4+ (aq) + 2 Br- (aq) c. Ni2+ (aq) + CO32-(aq) ? NiCO3(s) d. Br-(aq) + NH4+ (aq) ? NH4Br(aq) When a sample of chlorine gas at 35? C doubles in volume, its pressu re stays the samec. is half as great doubles d. increases fourfold A 385-mL sample of oxygen gas collected at 747 mm Hg and 27. 4? C would occupy what volume at STP? a. 344 mLb. 356 mLc. 416 mLd. 431 mL A 9. 74 g sample of CO2 will occupy 6. 37 L at 0. 829 atm only if the temperature is a. 17. 6? Cb. 6. 61? Cc. 564? C d. above 100? C A sample of N2 would obey the ideal gas law most closely at 0. 68 atm and –68? Cc. 680 atm and –68? C 0. 68 atm and 680? Cd. 680 atm and 680? C A 50. 0 g sample of an unknown substance absorbed 1. 64 kJ as its temperature changed from 36? C to 98? C. The specific heat of the unknown is: a. 0. 53 J/(g? C)b. 0. 76 kJ/(g? C)c. 1. 3 kJ/(g? C)d. 1. 9 kJ/(g? C) The formation reaction in this list is a. Sn(s) + 2Cl2(g) ? SnCl4(l)c. 2C2H5OH(l) + 7O2(g) ? 4CO2(g) + 6H2O(l) b. 2HNO2(l) + NO(g) ? 3NO2(g) + H2O(l) d. 2Cl2O(g)? 2Cl2(g) + O2(g) For CH4(g) + 4Cl2(g) ? CCl4(g) + 4HCl(g), ? H? =-402 kJ. How much HCl was formed when 201 kJ were given off? a. 18. 2 gb. 72. 9 gc. 146 gd. 292 g Use the thermochemical equations below to calculate the enthalpy of reaction for NOCl(g) + Cl(g) ? NO(g) + Cl2(g) N2(g) + O2(g) + Cl2(g) ? 2NOCl(g)? H? =105. 2 kJ N2(g) + O2(g) ? 2NO(g)? H? =180. 7 kJ Cl2(g) ? 2Cl(g)? H? =243. 2 kJ a. 529. 1 kJb. 264. 6 kJc. -83. 85 kJd. –167. 7 kJ The energy of a photon of electromagnetic radiation is directly proportional to its a. speed in a vacuum c. frequency b. wavelength d. diffraction The volume in space where an electron with a particular energy is likely to be found is called a wave functionc. the spin quantum number a photond. an orbital The frequency of a microwave with a wavelength of 12. 2 cm is a. 8. 08 x 10-33 Hzc. 2. 46 x 107 Hz b. 3. 66 x 109 Hzd. 2. 46 x 109 Hz The number of orbitals in the 4p subshell is a. 1b. 3c. 5d. 18 The energy difference between the two energy levels responsible for the 451 nm blue-violet line the emission of indium is a. 6. 65 x 105 Jc. 2. 27 x 1018 J b. 1. 50 x 105 Jd. 4. 40 x 10-19 J The maximum number of electrons contained in a 3d subshell is a. 2b. 6c. 10d. 18 The number of valence electrons shown in the Lewis formula for SF4 is a. 40b. 34c. 32d. 5 The formal charge on O in the compound H2O2 (in the order HOOH) is a. 0b. –2c. –1d. –3 The resonance structures for SO2 include each of these except a. O=S-Ob. O-S=Oc. O=S=Od. S-O=O The O-S-O bond angle in SO2 is closest to a. 0? b. 109. 5? c. 120? d. 180? Of the following substances, the least polar bonds are those found in a. H2b. H2Oc. H2Sd. CH4 Matter is said to be transparent to those wavelengths it a. absorbs b. diffractsc. cyclesd. transmits In formaldehyde (H2CO) the electron pairs are located about the central atom in which type of arrangement? a. pyramidal b. tetrahedralc. trigonal planard. bent Th e molecular geometry of SO3 is best described as a. linearb. trigonal planarc. tetrahedrald. bent The molecular geometry of CO32- is best described as a. linearb. trigonal planerc. tetrahedrald. bent Of the following, which has a molecular geometry that is not planar? a. CH4b. H2COc. C2H4d. SO3 When a solution of sodium chloride and a solution of lithium nitrate are mixed a precipitate forms a new salt is formed a gas is evolved no reaction occurs When solutions of barium chloride and sodium sulfate are mixed, the spectator ions in the resulting reaction are a. only Ba2+b. only SO42-c. Only Na+d. both Na+ and Cl- Which of the following ionic compounds is insoluble in water? a. NH4Clb. AgNO3c. KId. Na2S Given that Fe2O3(s) + 3CO(g) ? 2Fe(s) + 3CO2(g), when 45. 3 g of CO reacts quantitatively with 79. g of Fe2O3, the amount of Fe formed is a. 45. 3 gb. 55. 8 gc. 60. 2 gd. 79. 8 g For the above reaction, when 45. 3 g of CO reacts quantitatively with 79. 8 g of Fe2O3, the amount of leftover reactant is a. 34. 5 gb. 24. 0 gc. 17. 8 gd. 3. 2 g 36. The oxidation numbers of P, S and Cl in H2PO2-, H2S and KClO4 are, respectively a) -1, -1, +3 b) +1, -2, +7 c) +1, +2, +7 d) -1, -2, +7 e) - 1, -2, +3 37. Identify the oxidizing agent in the following redox reaction. Hg2+(aq) + Cu(s) Cu2+(aq) + Hg(l) a) Hg2+(aq) b) Cu(s) c) Cu2+(aq) d) Hg(l) e) Hg2+(aq) and Cu2+(aq)